Have you always wanted to be a backyard beekeeper, but need some motivation to get going? The Wholesome Hive is here to mentor and support you through the process! Check out the new services we have to offer!



Honey Extraction Service

Are you a backyard beekeeper that wants to enjoy the fruits of your labor but don’t have the right equipment to extract your honey? Let The Wholesome Hive help!

The Basics

Bring your own container for us to pour the honey into. 5 gallon food grade buckets work well. You may bring other jars as well, but be sure to clean and dry them well as honey absorbs smells easily.

We will uncap your frames and then put them in our extractor. The honey will be lightly filtered through a stainless steel double sieve.

No heat will be applied during the extraction process.

All wax cappings will be kept by The Wholesome Hive.

You are responsible for dropping off and picking up your frames and honey.


Shallow and Medium Frames

$35 set-up fee that includes the extraction of the first 18 frames.

$1.75 per frame will be charged after the first 18 frames.

Deep Frames*

$35 set-up fee that includes the extraction of the first 9 frames.

$3 per frame will be charged after the first 9 frames.

*Comb in deep frames tend to 'blow-out' when they are in the extractor. If you need deep frames extracted, you may not hold The Wholesome Hive responsible for any comb that may fall out in the process.

Pay in Honey

If you would rather pay in honey, we will waive the $35 set-up fee and keep 18% of the honey.

Swarm Removal
It's surreal when it happens, but don't worry! Honey bees are very docile when you are not trying to harm them. When they swarm, they are simply looking for a new home. So if you see a huge clump of bees on a branch, in a bush, on the side of a house, car, fence, etc, please call us! We'll be glad to remove them without a charge!


Bee Colony Cut-outs

Sometimes bees like to take up residence in your walls, floorboards, or in your trees. We can also remove those colonies for an hourly charge.

Swarm Trap Installation

Interested in helping out the local bee population? If you are in the Stark County area and would like to have a swarm trap hung on your property, let us know! It is basically a wooden box that is hung on a tree or other structure about 8' high and is made to attract bees when they begin to swarm. Once they take up residence, you let us know and we'll remove the trap and house the new colony in one of our hives. This service is free and if the trap is successful, you have dibs on some of the honey produced from those bees!